What’s Happening to America’s Global INFLUENCE, You’ll Be Shocked To Know

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., criticized President Biden’s foreign policy, saying that his weakness is leading to a rise in China’s influence around the world. Cotton claimed that Biden’s tendency to blame America and its allies first has led to an emerging “axis of evil” centered on Beijing.

He cited Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries turning to China as examples of Biden’s incompetence. Cotton suggested that Biden’s weakness is also causing America’s traditional partners and allies to hedge their bets because they are worried about American resolve and strength.

Cotton further claimed that Biden’s foreign policy is harming America’s geopolitical situation. He said that Biden’s public criticism of Israel and Saudi Arabia has led to many traditional American partners and allies hedging their bets.

Cotton said that the world is currently at a crossroads, and it is essential for the United States to maintain its position as the prime superpower in the world. However, Biden’s foreign policy is weakening America’s position and allowing China to emerge as a dominant power.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-weakness-led-brazil-egypt-uae-china-over-america-senator