What Happened At The White House Press Briefing? You Won’t Believe It!

In a display of complacency, President Biden’s response to the ongoing debt ceiling talks on Capitol Hill has left many questioning his commitment to the issue. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to defend the President’s lack of urgency and absence in these crucial meetings.

During a press conference in Hiroshima, Japan, Fox News Channel’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy probed Jean-Pierre about the President’s activities during the debt ceiling negotiations in Washington, D.C.

Doocy’s pointed question was simple: “What was [Biden] doing for the last several hours while they were in these meetings?”

Jean-Pierre’s response was evasive, mentioning ongoing conversations and negotiations on the Hill. She argued that the President couldn’t be updated while discussions were still underway. However, Doocy raised a valid point, questioning why Biden couldn’t have called in, considering his presence at the 2023 G-7 Summit in Japan.

Rather than offering a satisfactory answer, Jean-Pierre dodged the question, claiming that negotiators needed space and reassuring that the President would receive regular updates from his advisors.

Another pertinent question emerged: why doesn’t President Biden trust Vice President Harris to lead the negotiations, as President Obama trusted then-Vice President Biden in 2011? Doocy sought an explanation.

Jean-Pierre dismissed the question, disagreeing with its premise. She highlighted Harris’s recent participation in a meeting with congressional members and emphasized the President’s regular consultations with her, insisting he valued her advice.

The Treasury Department has set a tentative deadline of around June 1, signifying the point when the government may struggle to meet its spending obligations without additional borrowing.

Biden and his congressional allies are pushing for an immediate debt ceiling increase, while Republicans insist on accompanying it with spending reductions.

The lackluster response and lack of transparency from the Biden administration are concerning. Americans deserve answers and decisive action on this critical issue. The debt ceiling is not a political ploy; it directly impacts our nation’s fiscal responsibility and economic well-being.

Republicans must remain vigilant in holding the administration accountable and advocating for responsible fiscal policies that protect the interests of hardworking Americans. The stakes are too high to accept anything less.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the debt ceiling talks and provide you with the latest updates. America deserves leaders who prioritize the nation’s financial stability and the prosperity of its citizens.

Source Fox News