WEIRDNESS Enters The White House, Any IDEA What Their Talking About?

In what can only be described as a stunning display of hypocrisy, President Joe Biden is pushing for Washington D.C. to become a state, while also asserting his power to control the city. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was left scrambling to explain this glaring contradiction during a recent briefing.

CBS News’ Weijia Jiang rightfully called out this blatant hypocrisy, asking why the president is willing to use his power to intervene in D.C. while also pushing for the city to become its own state. The Recount shared the clip, calling it an “awkward” moment for the administration.

This is just the latest example of Democrats’ blatant disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. Biden and his cronies are willing to do whatever it takes to consolidate their power, even if it means trampling on the rights of American citizens.

We cannot let this stand. Republicans must stand firm against this assault on our Constitution and fight for the rights of all Americans. D.C. statehood is just another ploy by the left to seize power and consolidate control over our country. We must reject this radical agenda and fight back against the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy.

The Biden administration cannot be trusted to uphold the Constitution and protect the rights of all Americans. It is up to us to hold them accountable and fight for the values that make our country great. We will not back down in the face of this assault on our freedoms, and we will not rest until justice is served.