Unearthing a New Layer of Deception within the White House

Republican Representative Darrell Issa has launched a scathing attack on President Joe Biden, accusing him of lying about his involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s controversial business dealings. In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Issa expressed his dismay over the White House Counsel’s office providing a shield to avoid answering crucial questions on the matter.

Issa highlighted a significant shift in the White House’s messaging following the release of testimony from IRS whistleblowers by the House Ways and Means Committee. These whistleblowers alleged that the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden was tainted by political influence, deliberately slowed down, and impeded questioning about Joe Biden’s role.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself in the hot seat as she faced probing questions about the president’s connection to his son’s business activities. Instead of providing clear answers, Jean-Pierre directed the inquiries to the White House Counsel’s office. This maneuver did not go unnoticed by Issa, who asserted, “When the White House spokesperson gets caught in what turns out to be untrue, lawyering up becomes the standard.”

For months, President Biden and his spokespeople adamantly denied any business communications between Joe Biden and his son Hunter. However, the narrative took a sharp turn when the White House began claiming that the president was “never in business” with his son. Issa stressed the significance of this reversal, stating, “What we can take from the change is that it is no longer considered to be true that he did not have communications with his son.”

Alarming reports have emerged, presenting a different picture of the president’s involvement in discussions related to Hunter Biden’s business ventures. Emails, messages, and alleged conversations implicate President Biden himself. Yet, the White House Counsel’s office has evaded answering crucial questions, obstructing the truth-seeking process.

Issa firmly believes that President Biden has been deceptive about his relationship with Hunter Biden and his participation in business dealings that initially generated tax-free millions of dollars. These revelations are deeply concerning and warrant thorough investigation.

A spokesperson for the White House Counsel’s Office reiterated that “the President was never in business with his son.” However, mounting evidence contradicts this denial, casting doubt on the administration’s credibility.

These troubling developments contribute to the growing concerns surrounding potential conflicts of interest within the Biden family and the integrity of the current administration. It is essential for Republican voters and concerned citizens to hold President Biden accountable for his actions and demand transparency.

As the truth gradually emerges, it becomes increasingly evident that misleading narratives must be challenged, and the facts uncovered. Only through this rigorous pursuit can we ensure honesty, integrity, and accountability within our highest offices. The American people deserve nothing less.

Source Fox News