Uncover the Shocking Names in the Latest Betting Saga Post White House Scandal

The White House was rocked by a stunning revelation over the weekend—a discovery of cocaine that has left the nation in disbelief. As bookies scramble to assess the situation, one name has risen to the top as the prime suspect: Hunter Biden. Overseas sportsbook BetOnline.ag has bestowed upon him +170 odds, making him the most likely wrongdoer among the listed suspects.

Trailing behind Hunter Biden is Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce with +800 odds, followed by the unexpected contender “One of the Jonas Brothers” with +1000 odds. Even Angelina Jolie finds herself in the mix, garnering +1400 odds. Meanwhile, President Biden and first lady Jill Biden sit at the bottom of the pack with +15000 and +10000 odds, respectively.

Another prominent gambling site, Sportsbetting.ag, confirms Hunter Biden’s status as the clear favorite suspect. Hunter was present at the White House, enjoying Washington, D.C.’s Fourth of July fireworks display from this hallowed ground.

Bovada, a well-known Costa Rica-based sportsbook, is somewhat more generous toward Hunter. They designate a “Tour Group Guest” as their favorite suspect with -400 odds, but Hunter remains close behind at +200 odds. The possibility of involvement from the “Janitorial Staff” is suggested with +1000 odds, and even a “Secret Service Special Agent” is not ruled out, given their +2000 odds.

Of course, these betting sites also include some outlandish culprits for entertainment purposes. Tony Montana from the 1983 movie “Scarface” is given astonishing +50000 odds, and President Trump himself is not exempt, with +5000 odds. It seems everyone wants a piece of the action in this captivating scandal.

The discovery of cocaine was made by a member of the Secret Service in the West Wing of the White House. As a precautionary measure, the building was evacuated, and an emergency response was initiated. Notably, President Biden was not present at the time of the incident.

Predictably, Republican presidential contenders for 2024 wasted no time in capitalizing on this opportunity. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lightheartedly remarked, “I think a lot of us have believed that the Biden administration has been blowing it on a lot of fronts, but I guess it’s a little bit more literal than even I had thought.”

Former President Trump also expressed his views, questioning the intended use of the cocaine and suggesting it was exclusively for the benefit of Hunter and Joe Biden. He anticipated that the media would downplay the incident and make it disappear.

As the investigation into this matter unfolds, Fox News Digital will remain vigilant and dedicated to providing updates on this gripping White House scandal. Stay tuned for further developments in this extraordinary turn of events.

Source Fox News