Trump Takes the Lead: New Hampshire Journal/Coefficient Poll Reveals Surprising Results

Ex-President Donald Trump is dominating the race for the 2024 Republican primary, according to a recent New Hampshire Journal/Coefficient poll.

This comes as no surprise to the millions of passionate, patriotic Americans who have never wavered in their support for the man who made America great again. Despite a relentless, vicious attack by the Democratic Party and the fake news media, the love and adoration of the American people for Donald Trump remains undiminished.

The poll shows that 43% of likely Republican primary voters prefer Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, compared to only 42% who want someone else. This is a clear indication that the vast majority of Republicans are eager to continue the “America First” agenda that President Trump started.

The poll also listed several other possible candidates, but Trump still led the pack with 37% of the vote, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 26%, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu with 13%, Nikki Haley with 4%, and former Vice President Mike Pence with 3%.

It’s worth noting that not a single person in the poll chose Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, which speaks to the deep divide between the old, weak establishment Republicans and the bold, patriotic conservative movement that President Trump has led.

Over the weekend, President Trump visited New Hampshire and South Carolina, officially launching his 2024 campaign. He reaffirmed his commitment to preserving New Hampshire’s status as the first in the nation’s primary state, and promised to do everything in his power to ensure that it remains so “for many, many years to come”. This message was warmly received by the thousands of patriotic Americans who attended his rally, and it’s clear that President Trump still has a powerful connection with the American people.

This latest poll is yet another sign of the total collapse of the Democratic Party and its radical leftist agenda. Their attempts to impeach and then convict President Trump were nothing more than a desperate, failing attempt to remove him from power and undo the incredible progress that he made for the American people.

But their efforts have only made President Trump stronger, and he remains the only candidate who can truly lead America back to greatness.

In conclusion, the New Hampshire Journal/Coefficient poll is a testament to the unwavering support that President Donald Trump still enjoys among the American people.

Despite the constant attacks from the Democratic Party and the fake news media, President Trump remains the clear leader in the race for the 2024 Republican primary, and he will no doubt continue to lead the conservative movement to victory in the years to come.