Trump Gains a POWERFUL Ally, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Endorsing Him

Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger from Tennessee has recently endorsed former President Donald Trump, stating that President Biden’s administration has failed the American people.

According to Harshbarger’s campaign, the current administration has not addressed the pressing challenges facing the country, including the economy, drug overdose deaths, and lawlessness in Democrat-run cities and states.

Harshbarger’s endorsement of Trump signals her faith in his leadership and policies, particularly in his proven track record of delivering results and putting America first. She believes that the country needs to return to the conservative values and leadership that made America great in the past. Trump also previously endorsed Harshbarger in her 2022 re-election bid.

This endorsement comes as the Republican party prepares for the 2024 presidential nomination race, with Trump’s name being thrown into the mix. Harshbarger’s endorsement may give the former president a boost as he considers running for president again.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will enter the race, but Harshbarger’s endorsement is a clear signal of her belief in his leadership and policies.