This Unexpected Announcement Change Everything, You Need To See This

DES MOINES, IOWA – EXCLUSIVE – Former Vice President Mike Pence took the stage today, launching his 2024 Republican presidential campaign with a powerful message for passionate Republican voters. In a launch video shared exclusively with Fox News, Pence criticized President Joe Biden and the Democrats, while also highlighting the need for different leadership in these challenging times.

In his video, Pence boldly declared, “President Joe Biden and the radical left have weakened America at home and abroad.” He didn’t hold back in addressing the critical issues our country faces, such as runaway inflation, dropping wages, an impending recession, and the ongoing crisis at our southern border. Pence emphasized that timeless American values are under assault like never before.

But amidst these concerns, Pence remains optimistic. He firmly believes that we can turn this country around, but it requires a leader who appeals to the better angels of our nature. Drawing inspiration from the words of Abraham Lincoln, Pence stated, “Different times call for different leadership. Today, our party and our country need a leader who can unite us and restore our great nation.”

Pence’s decision to run for president didn’t come lightly. He acknowledged that he and his family have been blessed with countless opportunities to serve this nation, and it would be easy to stay on the sidelines. However, he was raised to take action when the country needs it the most. Therefore, with his family by his side, Pence announced, “Before God and my family, I’m running for President of the United States.”

This announcement places Pence in a unique position. He becomes the first running mate in eight decades to run against his former boss. It’s an extraordinary move, demonstrating his conviction and dedication to the conservative cause. While he currently trails behind Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the polls, Pence exudes confidence, saying, “We’ll have the support, resources, and opportunity to ensure that our message reaches the American people.”

Pence’s tenure as vice president, serving alongside President Trump, has left an indelible mark on his career. However, recent events have created a rift between the two. The storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was a turning point. Pence stood firm on upholding the Constitution and performing his duty, even if it meant disagreeing with his former boss.

Looking forward, Pence sees a brighter future for America. He firmly believes in the resilience and strength of the American people. He envisions a country that defends its borders, revives its economy, restores its liberties, and offers a new beginning for life. Drawing inspiration from President Ronald Reagan, Pence calls on Americans to renew their optimism and belief in themselves, reminding us that our best days are yet to come.

As a son of the heartland and the grandson of an Irish immigrant, Pence’s connection to the American dream runs deep. He has dedicated his life to public service, serving as a congressman, governor, and vice president. Pence’s campaign will focus on building a stronger, more prosperous America, fulfilling the promise of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mike Pence’s campaign for president, as he continues to champion the conservative values that have defined his career. Together, we can bring America back to its rightful place as the greatest nation on Earth.

Source Fox News