This Political Scandal Is Much Bigger Than You Think, You Need To See This

The release of the long-awaited Durham report has finally shed light on the truth behind the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. This report, spanning over 300 pages, provides concrete evidence of the deception and corruption that plagued the highest levels of government.

According to the report, CIA Director John Brennan urgently briefed then-President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden in July 2016, exposing Hillary Clinton’s approval of a campaign plan to tarnish Donald Trump by falsely tying him to Putin and the Russians. This baseless accusation was solely aimed at damaging Trump’s chances while diverting attention from Clinton’s own email scandal.

What is truly concerning is the complicity of Obama, Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey.

They were fully aware of Hillary’s treachery, as they received secret briefings on the matter. Yet, they chose to remain silent, allowing the media to relentlessly vilify Trump and perpetuate the false narrative.

The media played an instrumental role in disseminating these unfounded claims, relying heavily on the discredited Steele dossier. This dossier, funded by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was filled with unverified and salacious allegations. Despite the lack of evidence or corroboration, news organizations eagerly embraced and propagated these lies, further deepening the division within our nation.

The Durham report also uncovers the deep-seated bias and misconduct within the FBI. Agents launched an investigation into Trump without any substantial evidence of collusion, disregarding their own guidelines. Their actions were driven by their prejudice and animosity towards Trump, as revealed in the report.

James Comey, the former FBI director, has conveniently claimed memory lapses and refused to cooperate with the Durham investigation. However, the report exposes the fact that he demanded and received daily briefings on the matter. Comey willingly turned a blind eye to the lack of evidence against Trump and led a relentless witch hunt fueled by personal vendettas.

While Trump endured relentless scrutiny and multiple investigations, Hillary and her associates were granted impunity. Comey absolved her of clear crimes, such as mishandling classified emails and destroying evidence under subpoena. The FBI conveniently ignored compelling evidence of her misuse of a charitable foundation for personal gain, mirroring the notorious Biden family influence-peddling schemes.

The Durham report highlights the alarming double standard and the prevalence of a dual system of justice. Hillary received a defensive briefing about foreign actors, whereas Trump was left in the dark.

The FBI sought surveillance warrants involving Trump’s campaign, deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence and altering supporting documents to justify their intrusive measures. Comey misled judges by vouching for the credibility of the discredited Steele dossier, despite knowing its falsehoods.

The irony is striking. Rather than colluding with Putin, Trump became a victim of Clinton-induced Russian disinformation, which was used to construct the dossier. While Trump fought against a barrage of false allegations, those in power who knew the truth chose to remain silent, fueling political divisiveness in our nation.

The Durham report is a wake-up call for Republicans and all Americans who value truth and justice. We must stand united and demand accountability.

The corruption uncovered in this report cannot go unchecked. It is our duty to restore integrity to our institutions and ensure that those responsible for perpetuating this hoax face the consequences of their actions. Our democracy and the trust of the American people depend on it.

Source Fox News