The Wait is Over: Republicans Demand Resignation of Biden Administration Over National Security Threat

President Joe Biden’s delayed response to the recent Chinese spy balloon hovering over the United States has sparked outrage among Republicans. The President waited three days to take action after the media was alerted of the balloon’s presence, despite reports that he knew about the threat for months.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) has been one of the most vocal Republicans calling for Biden’s resignation, stating that the mishandling of the spy balloon confirms that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are not suitable for their roles.

In a tweet, Wilson said, “The catastrophic Chinese Spy Balloon spectacle threatened American families from Alaska to my home community in South Carolina and confirms President Biden and Vice President Harris should resign.” He went on to add that his demands are not politically motivated, but rather a call for responsibility and capability in a leader.

Aside from the Chinese spy balloon incident, Republicans argue that Biden’s open border policies are causing major threats to national security and that when a domestic attack occurs, the President will not know how to adequately respond.

On Saturday, the U.S. fighter jet finally shot down the surveillance balloon just off the coast of South Carolina, but the damage has already been done.

Republicans believe that the Biden Administration’s handling of the situation is unacceptable and raises questions about the President’s ability to lead and protect the American people.

In conclusion, Republicans are calling for the resignation of President Biden and Vice President Harris due to their delayed response to the Chinese spy balloon and their handling of other national security threats. The President’s lack of leadership and capability to protect the American people has been a cause for concern, and the Chinese spy balloon incident is just the latest example.