The unbelievable move by the Biden administration regarding washing machines.

The Biden administration’s recent proposal for new energy efficiency standards for washing machines is yet another example of government overreach. Under the pretext of addressing the global climate crisis, the administration is attempting to dictate what appliances American families can purchase.

Representative John Moolenaar, a staunch defender of American values, has taken a stand against these intrusive regulations. He has introduced an appropriations amendment that would prohibit the Department of Energy from using any funds to enforce the proposed rule. This amendment is crucial in safeguarding the freedom of choice for hardworking American citizens.

If implemented, the Biden washing machine rule would not only make Americans dirtier and stinkier, but it would also lead to higher prices. Manufacturers have rightly criticized the regulation, stating that it would force them to compromise on cleaning performance in order to comply with the government’s arbitrary standards. Such measures are detrimental to both consumers and businesses.

The driving force behind the Biden administration’s push for stricter regulations on appliances like washing machines is their radical climate agenda. Their proposals are so unpopular that they are resorting to executive orders, bypassing the legislative process. This undermines the principles of democracy and disregards the voice of the American people.

The Department of Energy’s proposed regulations would have severe consequences for Michigan families, particularly in terms of affordability. Affordable options would be pushed out of the market, making it harder for families to access necessary appliances. It is an attack on consumer choice and yet another example of the Biden administration’s disdain for everyday Americans.

Rep. Moolenaar’s amendment is a crucial step in protecting our rights and freedoms. It is a victory for clean clothes, consumer choice, and the fight against burdensome regulations. As passionate Republican voters, it is our duty to rally behind leaders like Rep. Moolenaar and send a resounding message: we will not tolerate the encroachment of big government. Let’s stand together in defense of our freedoms and support Rep. Moolenaar’s amendment to protect American choice and affordability.

Source Fox News