The Truth About The Biden Investigation Might Surprise You!

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr recently offered his perspective on the Hunter Biden investigation, shedding light on potential impropriety without making explicit accusations of criminality. Speaking on CBS’ “Face The Nation,” Barr stressed the importance of thoroughly examining the matter.

During the interview, Barr pointed out that actions can be shameful without necessarily crossing legal boundaries. He expressed concern about the alleged “cashing in” on the office, referring to Hunter Biden’s actions. Barr emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation to determine if any criminal conduct had occurred.

Barr highlighted the testimony of IRS whistleblower agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who alleged interference from the Biden Justice Department in the investigation. He questioned the decision to defer certain investigative steps before the election and urged for timely action after the election.

Regarding the appointment of a special counsel, Barr clarified that he had no conflict of interest in the investigation. The decision to name a special counsel lay with U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who took office in March 2021.

Defending his own actions, Barr explained that he refrained from prejudging the situation to allow Garland to make an unbiased decision. He believed that preemptively interfering in the matter could have jeopardized the investigation’s integrity.

While Barr agreed with House Republicans that a special counsel should have been appointed at some point, he did not explicitly state whether he thought it was still feasible for Garland to do so. Time constraints may pose challenges, but Barr remained open to learning about the investigation’s progress.

As we observe the developments, Barr’s call for a thorough inquiry aligns with the fundamental principles of the Republican Party, which prioritize justice, integrity, and transparency. It is crucial for the Department of Justice to conduct a fair and impartial investigation to ensure accountability and uphold the rule of law.

Source Fox News