The Shocking Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s Chinese Dealings…

Startling emails reviewed by Fox News Digital have brought to light Hunter Biden’s questionable ties with a Chinese tycoon named Che Feng. The year 2011 saw Hunter boasting to his business partner, Devon Archer, about Feng’s admiration for his “last name” and penchant for being accompanied by “handsome godlike Aryan men.”

These emails reveal a disturbing web of relationships that helped Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, and James Bulger’s firm, Thornton Group LLC, secure a lucrative partnership with Jonathan Li’s firm, Bohai Capital. This partnership eventually led to the formation of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), under the control of Bank of China Limited.

Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee added more intrigue, suggesting that Biden, during his vice presidency, had interactions with Li and wrote a college recommendation letter for Li’s daughter.

The email exchange from 2011 also shows Feng’s intention to involve other CCP-backed companies in the venture, including the influential China Investment Corp. (CIC). Hunter and Archer saw this as an opportunity to enhance their firm’s credibility and profile.

Hunter’s explanation for Feng’s favoritism towards him, mentioning his last name and association with “handsome Aryan godlike men,” raises eyebrows and deserves scrutiny.

The emails further reveal Hunter’s intention to share the benefits of the venture equally with Archer, cementing their partnership.

These revelations call for a thorough examination of the Biden family’s business dealings in China. As Republicans, we firmly believe in the importance of accountability and transparency in our leaders’ actions. We must ensure that our democracy remains unscathed by corruption and personal interests.

Source Fox News