The Shocking Truth About California’s Claim to be a ‘Freedom State

As a conservative journalist, it’s clear to me that California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent tweet claiming that California is the “true freedom state” is nothing short of absurd.

As someone who values individual liberty, it’s hard to take this claim seriously when California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, high taxes, and a serious drug addiction problem.

Newsom’s tweet was met with a barrage of criticism from people who pointed out these and other issues that demonstrate California is far from being a “freedom state.” For example, Phil Labonte, a resident of New Hampshire, highlighted his state’s lower taxes, looser gun laws, and lower crime rates.

Film producer Errol Webber shared a video alleging that officials in San Francisco give out free needles to drug users, while journalist Liz Highleyman asked how a middle-class person could afford to buy a home in one of the state’s major cities.

Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker criticized Newsom for imposing vaccine mandates, claiming that she had to flee the state because her children’s medical exemptions for school were taken away.

It’s not just that Newsom’s claim is baseless, it’s also that his leadership has been lacking. There have been numerous instances of Newsom’s hypocrisy, such as a Politico article from November 2020 that showed him attending a lavish dinner party while encouraging residents to avoid gatherings with their families during the holiday season.

It’s no wonder that his tweet was met with widespread derision from Republican voters who value individual freedom and limited government interference in their lives.

In conclusion, Newsom’s claim that California is a “true freedom state” is nothing short of ridiculous. It’s clear that the state has numerous issues that demonstrate the opposite, and Newsom’s leadership has been lacking and hypocritical.

As a conservative journalist, I believe it’s important to call out this kind of rhetoric and hold elected officials accountable to the truth.