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Fellow patriots, it’s time to stand up against the radical left and their puppet, Joe Biden. As a conservative writer for over a decade, I have witnessed the steady decline of our country under the Democratic leadership.

From the crisis at our southern border to the disastrous handling of COVID-19, Joe Biden has proved time and again that he is unfit for the presidency. He has been a puppet of the radical left since his inauguration, and his policies are tearing our country apart.

We need a leader who will put America first and fight for the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Joe Biden’s policies are leading us down the path of socialism and government control, and we cannot let that happen.

As Republicans, we must unite and show our support for conservative values. We need to vote for candidates who will fight for our beliefs and protect our liberties.

Let’s not forget the 2022 midterm elections, where we have the opportunity to take back the House and Senate. We can hold Joe Biden accountable for his failed policies and ensure that our country is on the right track.

It’s time to put an end to the left’s agenda and restore our great nation to its former glory. Let’s stand together and make America great again!

Source Fox News