The Left’s Own Words: The Hidden Truth About Hunter

A Democratic congressman’s candid acknowledgment of the possibility of Hunter Biden breaking the law has raised eyebrows. Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes stressed that if Hunter Biden indeed violated the law, he should face prosecution for potential tax-related issues and the ownership of a handgun. While Himes took a swipe at Republicans’ response to Trump’s indictments, he also emphasized the importance of holding Hunter Biden accountable if he used his father’s influence to commit any crimes. As of now, there is no direct evidence linking President Biden to his son’s actions. However, Himes underscored the need for serious consideration if any evidence surfaces in the future.

Hunter Biden, who is currently under federal investigation, recently pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor tax counts. Though a plea deal was on the table, it ultimately did not materialize. Throughout the investigation, the White House has been steadfast in their support for Hunter Biden, considering the matter a personal one for a private citizen.

As passionate Republican voters, it is our duty to remain informed and engaged, ensuring that the principles of accountability and fairness are upheld. No one should be above the law, and all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, must be subject to equal treatment and investigation.

Source Fox News