The Latest Blunder Revealed, But It’s Not Who You’d Expect

In a powerful interview with the Daily Mail, Senator James Lankford, a Republican representing Oklahoma, criticized the Biden administration for its alarming negligence in safeguarding religious liberty. Lankford, drawing from his personal faith and background as a Christian minister, emphasized that religious freedom encompasses more than mere worship—it encompasses the right to live out and express one’s faith freely.

According to Lankford, the current administration has failed to uphold even the most basic legal protections for religious beliefs. He pointed to a distressing case in which the University of Vermont Medical Center disregarded a nurse’s objections and scheduled her to assist in an elective abortion. Astonishingly, the Biden administration turned a blind eye to this violation of the nurse’s conscience rights, revealing its blatant disregard for religious liberty.

Lankford firmly asserted that the abortion issue will play a pivotal role in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He called on the American people to examine their values and decide whether they truly believe in the inherent worth of every child or if they consider some children disposable. This is not merely a political debate but a fundamental question about our culture and our moral compass.

As Republicans and conservatives, we must stand alongside Senator Lankford in defending religious liberty and condemning the Biden administration’s failure to protect it. Our Constitution enshrines the freedom of religion as a fundamental right, and it is our duty to ensure that this right is preserved for all Americans.

In the face of encroaching threats to religious freedom, we must remain vigilant and vocal. We must support lawmakers like Lankford who are unafraid to speak out against the erosion of our constitutional rights. Let us unite in demanding that the Biden administration upholds its duty to protect religious liberty and affirm the importance of every individual’s ability to live out their faith without fear of persecution or discrimination.

Source Fox News