The Democrat’s Definition of Fascism Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost’s recent claim that Florida’s new permitless carry law amounts to “fascism” is a prime example of the left’s lack of understanding when it comes to gun control. The new law does not allow anyone to carry any gun, anywhere, anytime, as Frost claimed.

Rather, it gives law-abiding citizens the freedom to carry a firearm without needing a permit. The left’s obsession with gun control often does more harm than good, especially for minority communities that are disproportionately affected by gun violence.


  1. The left’s views on gun control often involve fearmongering and lies.
  2. Permitless carry laws give power back to the people and protect them from government overreach.
  3. Gun control measures do little to prevent violence and often make vulnerable communities even more vulnerable.
  4. More Americans are starting to realize the importance of protecting the Second Amendment.
  5. Republican voters must remain vigilant and vocal in protecting our Second Amendment rights.

Commentary: Republican voters must continue to push back against the left’s dangerous views on gun control. The permitless carry law is a step in the right direction and a fundamental belief of many Republican voters.

We must not allow the left to perpetuate lies and fearmongering that only serve to undermine the freedoms we hold dear. The Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and it’s essential that we protect this right for ourselves and future generations. We must continue to fight for our right to bear arms and push back against the left’s dangerous views on gun control.