The Curious Case of CUOMO’S Accuser: New Developments Emerge

In recent developments surrounding the Andrew Cuomo scandal, Charlotte Bennett, a former aide who accused the ex-governor of sexual harassment, has filed another lawsuit against New York State.

The suit, filed on Wednesday, claims the state government is responsible for Cuomo’s behavior and the failure of his aides to act on the allegations.

Last year, Bennett had filed a lawsuit against Cuomo and his executive staff, alleging retaliation for reporting his misconduct.

The new lawsuit focuses on the state’s liability for the alleged sexual harassment and retaliation. Bennett’s allegations against Cuomo are troubling.

She claimed he made inappropriate comments about her appearance and assigned her degrading tasks. Cuomo is also accused of asking invasive questions about her personal life, romantic and sexual relationships, and her history as a sexual assault survivor.

Bennett also mentioned that Cuomo told her he was “lonely” and willing to date someone over 21 years old, even though she was only 25 at the time. Additionally, Bennett accused Cuomo of making “sexual advances” and cited an incident on June 25, 2020.

During a discussion on police reform, Cuomo allegedly remarked that Bennett’s mask movement while breathing reminded him of the creatures in the film “Predator.”

Cuomo continues to deny the allegations, with spokesperson Rita Glavin asserting that he “didn’t harass anyone” and that evidence in his favor was suppressed.

The previous lawsuit filed by Bennett claimed that Cuomo’s staff, including Jill DesRosiers, Melissa DeRosa, and Judith Mogul, were complicit in the harassment.

After reporting the harassment, Bennett was allegedly transferred to a lower-ranking position on the health policy team.