The Bidens’ Web of Deception Exposed: Government Tries to Cover Up the Truth!

The Justice Department is attempting to cover up hundreds of “potentially responsive” documents about gifts received by Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden from sources in China, Russia, and Ukraine, according to a report by Colorado lawyer Kevin Evans. 

In March, Evans sued the Justice Department after claiming that the agency failed to comply with his Freedom of Information Act request for records about the overseas business relationships of the two family members.

According to Evans, government lawyers admitted to having at least 400 pages of “potentially responsive” documents, but now claim that they “neither confirm nor deny” their existence.

This is just the latest development in the ongoing scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. In October 2020, The Post exposed the first son’s connections to China and Ukraine, based on emails and messages found on a laptop that he had abandoned at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware in April 2019. The Post’s report led Evans to file an FOIA request in November of that year.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have also been investigating the Biden family’s business pursuits. In September 2020, the two Republicans released a report on the matter, and in April 2021 they unveiled new documents that shed further light on the Bidens’ business ties. 

These documents revealed that Hunter and James Biden received monthly payments of $100,000 and $65,000, respectively, as part of a 2017 consulting agreement between Hunter and Gongwen Dong, a top official at CEFC China Energy.

The documents also showed that James’ company, The Lion Hall Group, received payments directly from Hudson West III, a company co-owned by Hunter’s law firm Owasco and Coldharbour Capital LLC.

Grassley has previously expressed concerns about the Bidens’ connections to Chinese business people with ties to the Communist Party. “I think it’s very concerning,” he said.

The Justice Department’s attempts to hide potentially damaging information about the Bidens only raise further questions about their conduct and the potential influence of foreign powers on the former Vice President and his family.

It is imperative that the truth be uncovered and that those responsible be held accountable. The next status hearing in Evans’ case is scheduled for January 9.