The Biden CRISIS Persists: Discover Who’s Gaining 2024 Momentum Amidst the Chaos

Hey there, fellow Republicans! Have you heard the news? The latest Quinnipiac University national survey has some exciting numbers for us.

Former President Donald Trump is crushing it with a 14-point lead over potential Republican presidential nomination rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

With 46% support among Republicans and GOP-leaning voters, Trump’s popularity is undeniable! But wait, there’s more! President Biden’s approval rating is struggling at just 39%.

In hypothetical 2024 general election matchups, Biden holds a measly four-point advantage over Trump and a barely-there one-point edge over DeSantis.

Looks like the current administration isn’t winning any popularity contests! Sure, there’s some legal drama surrounding Trump, but let’s remember that no former president has ever faced criminal charges.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has been making waves as a conservative hero for his tough stance on COVID restrictions and his fearless actions in the culture wars. So, what does this all mean?

The Republican Party is gearing up for a major comeback in the 2024 election!

With Trump and DeSantis leading the charge, we have a fantastic opportunity to take back the White House and make America great again.

So let’s stay focused, stay excited, and get ready for a wild ride in 2024!