SURPRISE: Weiss’s Latest Filing on Hunter Biden – You WON’T Believe What’s NOT in Effect

In a surprising twist, Special Counsel David Weiss’s recent filing has revealed a critical detail about Hunter Biden’s plea deal. Contrary to popular belief, the plea deal, which was meant to address federal tax and gun charges against the president’s son, is “not in effect.”

This revelation comes in the wake of claims made by Hunter Biden’s legal team about a “valid and binding bilateral Diversion Agreement.” However, Weiss has countered this in his filing. He pointed out that Hunter Biden had opted to plead not guilty during a hearing on July 26, 2023. As a result, U.S. Probation did not approve the proposed diversion agreement.

This unexpected turn of events has added a new dimension to the ongoing narrative surrounding Hunter Biden. The political and legal implications of this development are still unfolding.

Source Fox news