Startling revelations about a federal health official

In an exclusive report brought to you by Fox News, the Biden administration faces mounting pressure as GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik calls for the removal of a federal health official tied to New York’s disastrous nursing home policy.

Howard Zucker, currently serving as the Deputy Director for Global Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), assumed his position in January 2021. However, it’s worth noting that Zucker resigned as New York State health commissioner about eighteen months before this appointment due to allegations of concealing nursing home deaths during the pandemic.

Stefanik, a vocal advocate for accountability, minces no words as she demands action. She labels Zucker as a “Cuomo henchman” and holds him accountable for the tragic deaths of numerous New York seniors. According to her, Zucker played a significant role in the “criminal corruption scandal and coverup” that led to unnecessary loss of lives.

Her call for action resonates with other New York Republicans who also express grave concerns about Zucker’s actions during the pandemic. Rep. Nick LaLota emphasizes that Zucker’s decisions resulted in the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers in nursing homes, and he stresses the need to hold him accountable.

Similarly, Rep. Mike Lawler accuses Zucker of misleading New Yorkers during the pandemic and calls on President Biden to act swiftly and remove Zucker from his position.

During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, New York’s Health Department, under Zucker’s leadership, implemented a policy that allowed COVID-19 patients to be sent back to nursing homes after hospitalization. Critics argue that this policy fueled the surge in virus cases in the state, a claim that Cuomo’s officials denied.

Given the gravity of this situation, we must stand together in demanding accountability and justice for the families who tragically lost their loved ones due to this policy.

President Biden must take swift action and remove Howard Zucker from his position at the CDC. Let us continue to fight for the truth and the well-being of all Americans. Stay informed by following Fox News for further updates on this developing story.

Source Fox News