Startling news about the White House’s actions on social media.

In a groundbreaking ruling, a federal judge has shed light on the alarming involvement of the Biden administration in pressuring social media giants to censor COVID-19 misinformation. This revelation pulls back the curtain on the left’s relentless assault on free speech and reveals the dark underbelly of their censorship scheme.

Jen Psaki, who previously served as White House press secretary and now holds a position at MSNBC, finds herself at the center of this controversy. The judge’s injunction makes it clear that Psaki publicly pushed Facebook and other platforms to intensify their censorship efforts. During a White House press conference, she even went so far as to issue a thinly veiled warning of potential legal consequences for these companies if they failed to comply.

The lawsuits filed by attorneys general from Louisiana and Missouri accuse the White House of strong-arming tech companies into suppressing free speech during the COVID-19 pandemic. The evidence continues to mount against the administration. Psaki’s statements in May 2021 and February 2022 leave no room for doubt regarding the administration’s intentions to stifle dissenting voices and manipulate the flow of information.

Judge Terry A. Doughty’s injunction represents a significant victory for those who cherish the First Amendment. It recognizes that the government’s actions likely violate the Free Speech Clause and condemns their blatant disregard for our constitutional rights. If the allegations hold true, this case could go down in history as one of the most egregious attacks on free speech in the United States.

Equally troubling is the fact that the government’s engagement with social media platforms appears to be one-sided. Psaki’s admission that the White House was actively “flagging problematic posts” for Facebook raises serious questions about fairness and impartiality. The injunction reveals that every example or category of suppressed speech mentioned leans conservative, adding fuel to suspicions of political bias.

This court-ordered injunction is a crucial step toward holding the Biden administration accountable for their assault on free speech. The American people have a right to know whether their First Amendment rights have been violated. The court’s decision to proceed with the deposition of Jen Psaki in November 2022 will shed further light on the extent of the government’s involvement in censoring speech.

As passionate Republican voters, we must remain vigilant in our fight to preserve our cherished rights and liberties. The left’s censorship scheme must be fully exposed and dismantled, and this injunction sets us on the right path. The battle for free speech is far from over, but armed with the truth, we will emerge victorious.

Stay tuned for further updates on this crucial story as it continues to unfold.

Source Fox News