Shocking Truth: The Grandchild They Refuse to Acknowledge

“President Joe Biden is under fire once again as conservatives voice their outrage over his deliberate exclusion of his seventh grandchild, Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, from public acknowledgment. Recent revelations have shed light on the Biden family’s tangled web of money, corrosive politics, and the true meaning of their legacy.

In a scathing report released by The New York Times, it was revealed that President Biden’s aides have been instructed to publicly deny the existence of his granddaughter. This troubling decision has caused a wave of criticism and raised serious questions about the values upheld by the Biden family.

Just last week, Hunter Biden settled a lengthy paternity dispute in Arkansas, finally acknowledging his responsibility as a father. However, the president and First Lady Jill Biden persistently refuse to acknowledge their own flesh and blood as their seventh grandchild. This omission not only speaks to their character as individuals but also casts doubt on their ability to lead our great nation.

The deliberate exclusion of the granddaughter has been evident in numerous instances. During a recent event at the White House, President Biden made a point of mentioning only six grandchildren by name, conveniently leaving out the seventh.

Additionally, the annual tradition of hanging Christmas stockings at the White House has consistently disregarded the youngest member of the Biden family for two consecutive years. These intentional actions serve to further fuel the controversy surrounding the Bidens.

As President Biden contemplates a potential re-election campaign in 2024 and the scrutiny surrounding Hunter’s questionable foreign business dealings intensifies, he has suddenly chosen to publicly embrace his son and grandson. However, these calculated attempts to manipulate public perception cannot erase the concerns and unanswered questions surrounding the Bidens.

Conservatives across the nation have taken to social media to express their disgust and sadness at the Bidens’ blatant disregard for their own granddaughter.

The attempt to hide her existence from the American people has been labeled “”gross”” and “”sad.”” As Republicans, we must remain steadfast in our vigilance and hold President Biden accountable for his actions, both as a leader and as a family man.

Despite reaching out to the White House for comment, Fox News Digital has yet to receive a response. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, and it is our duty to demand nothing less.”

Source Fox News