SHOCKING Statement by Geraldo Rivera About the Future of America, This Will SHOCK You To Your Core

In the latest example of left-wing hysteria, Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera has once again found himself in hot water for expressing his opinions. This time, Rivera took to Twitter to suggest that if former President Donald Trump loses the 2024 presidential election, the country could face turmoil.

Rivera, who previously supported Trump, warned that Trump’s campaign is a threat to the United States if he loses in 2024. “The danger of Donald Trump running for president is not if he wins (he wasn’t a terrible president and until his attempted coup he was even underrated). The danger to America comes if Trump again loses. Stymied twice by the system, what mischief would he be capable of inflicting?” Rivera tweeted on Sunday.

This is a legitimate concern, as we have seen the lengths to which the Democrats and their allies in the media will go to undermine Trump and his supporters. They have repeatedly lied about him and his policies, accused him of being a racist and a fascist, and even attempted to impeach him twice.

Meanwhile, Trump has filed formal paperwork to run for president again in 2024 and is reportedly considering a number of potential running mates. One of the names that has been mentioned is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has been making a name for herself as a fierce defender of Trump and his agenda.

Greene has been rebranding herself as a politician who can unite the party’s hard-liners and its establishment wing, and has reportedly told sources that her “whole vision is to be vice president.” Bannon has also suggested that she could be a potential running mate for Trump.

Whatever happens in 2024, one thing is clear: the Democrats and their allies in the media will stop at nothing to undermine Trump and his supporters. We must be vigilant and stand up for our rights and our beliefs, or risk losing everything we hold dear.