Shocking revelations from the White House state dinner.

President Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a memorable evening at the White House during a state dinner aimed at celebrating the alliance between their nations. The event, attended by a distinguished guest list comprising celebrities, business leaders, and politicians, underscored the significance of the U.S.-India partnership in shaping future global security.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed his belief that the U.S.-India relationship would be one of the most vital alliances of the coming century. He emphasized that by joining forces, the United States and India could effectively counter the actions of the Chinese regime, contributing to global stability.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, visibly excited, brought his daughter-in-law to the White House for the very first time. McCarthy’s commitment to family values and his eagerness to share this historic occasion with a loved one demonstrates his dedication to celebrating important milestones as a united nation.

Prominent tech leaders also graced the gathering, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Their presence highlights the mutual interests and potential for economic and technological collaborations between the United States and India.

However, the attendance of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, raised eyebrows and invited scrutiny. Just days after news broke about his plea agreement on federal tax charges, Hunter Biden was present at the state dinner. Such a move raises concerns about ethical standards and judgment within the Biden family, especially considering the high-profile nature of the event.

During the evening, President Biden openly expressed his pride in his son when asked about the matter. This nonchalant response, coupled with a thumbs-up gesture, raised questions about the President’s handling of the situation and his adherence to ethical expectations.

The event was not without controversy, as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and progressive allies boycotted Prime Minister Modi’s address to Congress, deeming it “shameful” to allow him to speak. This decision reflects a concerning trend of rejecting diplomatic engagements and undermining key international relationships. It is essential to prioritize constructive dialogue and cooperation to foster mutual understanding and address global challenges.

In conclusion, President Biden’s state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Modi served as a platform to strengthen the U.S.-India partnership and address shared global concerns. However, controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s presence and the progressive boycott highlight the challenges faced by the administration.

It is imperative for the President to uphold transparency, integrity, and meaningful engagement to ensure the success of U.S.-India relations and maintain global security.

Source Fox News