Shocking new evidence rocks the political landscape…

“President Biden’s Denials on Hunter’s Business Dealings Challenged by Mounting Evidence

New revelations have cast doubt on President Biden’s repeated denials about discussing business dealings with his son, Hunter. Recently released testimony from IRS whistleblowers suggests interference by Justice Department, FBI, and IRS officials in the investigation into Hunter Biden.

The testimony includes details about WhatsApp messages where Hunter invoked his father’s name to pressure a Chinese business partner. These messages contradict President Biden’s claims of non-involvement.

Furthermore, an alleged voicemail from President Biden congratulating Hunter on a published article about their business dealings adds weight to the growing evidence against the president’s denials. Despite these revelations, the Biden administration and their communication staff have continued to maintain their stance of no discussions regarding Hunter’s business affairs.

The timeline of denials, starting from August 2019, reveals a consistent pattern of deflecting questions and denying any involvement. The mounting evidence and contradictions raise serious concerns about the transparency and honesty of the current administration.

It is essential for the American people to demand accountability and transparency from their leaders. The truth must prevail, and investigations should proceed without any hindrances. Our democracy relies on trust, and it is imperative that we hold our elected officials to the highest standards of integrity.”

Source Fox News