Shocking focus: CNN’s fact-checker ignores Biden once more.

As we enter the third year of the Biden administration, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that CNN’s fact-checking practices remain biased and unfair. Despite their claims of impartiality, the network’s chief fact-checker, Daniel Dale, continues to disproportionately target Republicans while giving President Biden a pass.

A quick review of Dale’s online database reveals a glaring discrepancy. Since March 30, there hasn’t been a single fact-check of President Biden, while Republicans have been fact-checked 21 times. This lopsided approach suggests a clear agenda at CNN, where Republicans are the primary focus of scrutiny.

Furthermore, a visit to the “Biden White House” section of the CNN fact-check site only reinforces this bias. Instead of holding the current president accountable, the section is filled with fact-checks of former President Trump. It’s as if CNN is stuck in the past, unable to move on from their obsession with Trump and provide fair coverage of the current administration.

Recent claims made by President Biden, including misleading statements about his family, have conveniently escaped the rigorous fact-checking that Republicans endure. Claims like Biden having only four granddaughters or his son Beau’s death in Iraq have been left unchecked. This selective fact-checking not only undermines the credibility of CNN but also raises questions about their commitment to honest and unbiased reporting.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center aptly points out the irony of calling these fact-checkers “independent.” The overwhelming focus on Republicans and the glaring absence of scrutiny towards Democrats paint a clear picture of bias. It’s not about being paid by the Democrats, but rather about having an agenda that skews the fact-checking process.

CNN’s fact-checking department needs a serious reevaluation. The persistent bias against Republicans, especially former President Trump, only serves to erode the trust of the viewers. If CNN truly aims to be a reliable source of news, it must address this bias, hold all politicians accountable, and provide fair and balanced fact-checking across the board.

Source Fox News