San Francisco’s “Crazy” Reparations Proposal: You’ll Be STUNNED by Maher’s Take

Hey there, high schoolers! Get ready for some laughs as Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” hilariously dismantles San Francisco’s bonkers reparations plan to give each Black resident a cool $5 million.

Joining him in the fun are former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin.

Maher points out that San Francisco, a city without a history of slavery, would be imposing a crazy cost of $600,000 on each of its remaining citizens.

Even Yang, who’s all about that universal basic income, thinks this plan goes way too far.

Instead of focusing on real solutions, many politicians seem to care more about making a splash on social media and stirring up drama.

Speaking of drama, Maher chats about the recent Stanford University chaos, where law students shut down a lecture by Trump-appointed Judge Kyle Duncan.

The law school’s dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tirien Steinbach, sided with the protesters instead of supporting free speech—yikes! Slotkin argued that campuses should be all about free speech, but she criticized Judge Duncan for not pushing through the madness.

Maher, however, made it clear that it was pretty much impossible for the speaker to continue. To top it all off, Maher also questioned the University of Michigan’s decision to employ 142 diversity, equity, and inclusion staff members.

Is this just a way to create jobs that nobody wants to give up? So, there you have it—a fun and engaging look at the wild world of politics, with Bill Maher leading the charge against San Francisco’s nutty reparations plan and the chaos on college campuses.