Revelations From An Unlikely Source: What You Need To Know

Recent testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, has brought to light some crucial information. It appears that then-Vice President Joe Biden had occasional interactions with his son’s foreign associates, despite his repeated denials of any involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

Archer’s revelations are particularly significant given his upcoming prison term for defrauding a Native American tribal entity. His willingness to disclose the truth sheds new light on the situation and raises questions about the veracity of President Biden’s public statements.

Democrats have been quick to dismiss Archer’s testimony, but their attempts to downplay its importance fall short. President Biden’s previous denials were never given under oath, leaving room for doubt. Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell emphasized that in a courtroom, these statements might have led to impeachment.

The lack of a thorough investigation by the Justice Department into the Biden family’s business deals is also concerning. Republican representatives have taken it upon themselves to seek transparency and accountability, fulfilling their duty to the American people.

In conclusion, the testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, is a significant revelation that cannot be overlooked. President Biden’s denials should be viewed with caution, given the circumstances under which they were made. It’s time for a comprehensive investigation, and Republicans are committed to upholding the principles of integrity and honesty in our government.

Source Fox News