Revealed: How Congress can take down the “fancy toys” of the FBI and DOJ.

Former Trump administration official Kash Patel has issued a resolute call to action, urging House Republicans to expose the cover-up surrounding the Biden bribery probe. Patel, renowned for his expertise in national security, leaves no room for doubt when he emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability within our government.

The American people deserve the truth, and it is our duty to demand answers. Patel passionately asserts that the fight for documents related to the Biden bribery probe is not just about members of Congress; it is about every citizen who values integrity and justice.

To achieve this goal, Patel proposes a bold and strategic approach to cut funding selectively at the FBI and DOJ. His intention is not to defund these agencies entirely but to redirect resources from wasteful expenditures to their core responsibilities. By hitting them where it hurts—trimming extravagant perks like private jets and luxury vehicles—we send a clear message that the days of government gangsters trampling on the Constitution are numbered.

Supporting Patel’s call for justice, former Attorney General William Barr emphasizes the urgency of the DOJ releasing a document exposing the criminal bribery scheme involving President Biden. Barr firmly states that we must not tolerate a double standard when it comes to accountability. The FBI should release the FD-1023 form, provided the safety of confidential sources is protected.

The time for redaction games and polite requests is over. The Biden administration cannot continue to slow-roll the release of crucial documents. We must dismantle the two-tier system of justice and hold those in power accountable. Our pursuit of truth and transparency starts now.

Republicans must unite in this fight, channeling their passion and conviction to shed light on the dark corners of corruption. We cannot waver in our commitment to the American people. It is our duty to ensure that justice is served, the rule of law prevails, and our government operates in the best interest of the people.

Together, we can make a difference. Let us stand strong, unyielding in our pursuit of truth, freedom, and a government that works for all Americans.

Source Fox News