President Biden’s Surprising Reaction to a Reporter’s Question

The mainstream media’s double standard when it comes to reporting on President Biden and former President Trump has reached new heights of hypocrisy. Biden’s recent outbursts at reporters, dismissing their questions and displaying a lack of respect, have been conveniently ignored by the same outlets that once condemned Trump’s every interaction with the press.

When Trump engaged in heated exchanges with journalists, major news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post seized every opportunity to paint him as an enemy of the press and a danger to democracy. They denounced his rhetoric, claiming it incited violence against journalists during the 2020 riots.

However, Biden’s similar behavior has received little to no coverage from these outlets. His habit of snapping at reporters, telling them to “shush up” or “give me a break,” goes unnoticed, as if it is inconsequential. The mainstream media’s silence speaks volumes about their biased agenda.

It is clear that the media’s outrage was never about protecting journalists or upholding press freedom. It was a political weapon to be used against Trump and those who did not align with their preferred narrative. Their selective coverage and double standards expose their lack of integrity and their willingness to prioritize politics over objective reporting.

As passionate Republican voters, we must not fall victim to the mainstream media’s biased agenda. We must seek out alternative sources of news that provide a more balanced perspective. By doing so, we can hold our leaders accountable and ensure that the truth is not obscured by political biases.

The mainstream media’s hypocrisy should serve as a reminder to remain vigilant and critical of the narratives presented to us. We have the power to seek out the truth and demand unbiased reporting. Let us exercise that power and contribute to a more informed and transparent democracy.

Source Fox News