Pence Cooperates, Biden Stonewalls: The Truth About Classified Documents

It’s a sad state of affairs when the National Archives can’t even be bothered to respond to a request for information from a sitting member of Congress.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., was rightfully disappointed when the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) blew past the Jan. 24 deadline for providing documents related to President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.

Comer had requested details about NARA’s communications with both the Justice Department and Biden’s lawyers regarding the classified documents.

It’s not just Comer who is concerned about the President’s handling of classified information. Former Vice President Mike Pence also found classified documents at his own home in Carmel, Indiana. Unlike President Biden, Pence immediately turned over the documents to the DOJ, and then notified Congress about the incident.

It’s clear that Pence is cooperating with the investigation, unlike the President who has stonewalled questions about the documents in recent days.

Pence is the third presumed 2024 presidential hopeful to find classified documents inside his private residence. Former President Donald Trump had his Mar-a-Lago home raided last year after refusing to return classified documents to NARA custody. Investigators have also seized three sets of classified documents found in Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

It’s high time that the Biden Administration is held accountable for their actions. The American people deserve to know the truth about the President’s handling of classified information. The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman Comer, is doing the important work of uncovering the truth.

It’s disappointing that the National Archives and the Justice Department, under the leadership of Attorney General Merrick Garland, aren’t taking this matter more seriously. The American people deserve answers, and it’s time for President Biden to come clean about his mishandling of classified information.