Oops! Green Energy Plans Hit An Unexpected Snag, You Need To See This

Two Republican lawmakers from West Virginia, Sen. Shelley Capito and Rep. Carol Miller, are taking a stand against the Biden administration’s proposed regulations that threaten the closure of power plants in their state. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intends to shut down coal and natural gas-fired power plants as part of its plan to reduce emissions in the power sector.

To combat these regulations, Capito and Miller have introduced the Protect Our Power Plants Act. This legislation aims to prevent the EPA from implementing the proposed rule on new source performance standards for certain stationary sources. By doing so, they seek to protect American jobs and prevent an increase in energy costs.

Capito, a ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, criticized the Biden administration’s Clean Power Plan 2.0 for disregarding the Supreme Court’s ruling. She stressed the importance of maintaining America’s position as a leading energy producer and voiced her commitment to defending the interests of energy-producing communities.

Miller also voiced her concerns about the EPA’s assault on power plants across the nation. She criticized the Biden administration and Washington Democrats for prioritizing their Green New Deal agenda over domestic energy production. Miller vowed to promote American energy policies that secure West Virginia’s status as an energy-dominant state.

The Protect Our Power Plants Act represents a significant step in preventing the EPA from overstepping its boundaries and undermining American energy production. Capito and Miller are champions for workers and families in West Virginia, and their legislation serves as a check on radical environmental policies.

It is crucial for Republicans to support Capito and Miller’s efforts to protect West Virginia’s power plants. By standing united, conservatives can counter the harmful consequences of the Biden administration’s attack on the energy industry and ensure a prosperous future for West Virginians.

Source Fox News