Oops! Failure to comply with subpoenas sparks congressional action.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, a dedicated conservative representing Ohio, has escalated his efforts to hold the FBI accountable for its failure to comply with congressional subpoenas. In a strongly worded letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Chairman Jordan expressed his dissatisfaction with the bureau’s inadequate response and warned of severe consequences if immediate action is not taken.

Dated July 17, Chairman Jordan’s letter leaves no room for ambiguity. He called the FBI’s actions “unacceptable” and set a definitive deadline of July 25, 2023, for the delivery of the requested materials. Failure to comply will result in swift and decisive action, including the possibility of holding Director Wray in contempt of Congress.

The two subpoenas in question bear immense importance for Republicans and the American people. The first subpoena revolves around the FBI’s surveillance of parents expressing concerns about changes to school curriculums and alleged cover-ups of sexual misconduct in Virginia. It is deeply disconcerting that the FBI would target these concerned parents, infringing upon their fundamental First Amendment rights.

The second subpoena relates to an alarming eight-page memo leaked by former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin. The memo reveals that the FBI and the Department of Justice were actively investigating traditional Catholic Americans and falsely associating them with the far-right white nationalist movement. Such actions by our nation’s premier law enforcement agency not only offend but also flagrantly violate religious freedom.

Despite repeated attempts to obtain the requested documents, the FBI’s compliance has been nothing short of lackluster. The agency’s initial response yielded a mere four documents by the March 1 deadline. Even after the committee instructed the bureau to provide documents on a rolling basis, progress has been minimal. Chairman Jordan’s letter underscores the FBI’s noncompliance and their failure to meet the committee’s expectations.

As Republicans, we firmly stand by Chairman Jordan in his quest for truth and accountability. The American people deserve transparency, and it is our duty to ensure that the FBI adheres to its obligations. We call upon the bureau to swiftly comply with the subpoenas and furnish the requested materials without further delay. Failure to do so will only fuel concerns that elements within the FBI are willing to abuse their authority to suppress dissent and target innocent citizens.

Chairman Jordan’s letter serves as a rallying cry for those who champion justice and adherence to the Constitution. We must unite in supporting leaders like him who tirelessly strive to expose wrongdoing and safeguard our liberties. The battle for accountability and transparency in our government continues, and with determined leaders like Jim Jordan, we can be confident that the fight will persist until justice is served.

Source Fox News