Oops! AOC Takes a Controversial Stance on Free Speech, You’ll Be Shocked

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has once again shown her true colors by leading a partisan call to shut down conservative viewpoints on radio and television.

In an interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC, the socialist ideologue called for speech restrictions on conservative news hosts like Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence, very clearly incitement of violence,” she claimed without evidence. “And that is the line that I think we have to be willing to contend with.”

This is just the latest example of the radical left’s assault on free speech in America. They claim to want to promote diversity and tolerance, but in reality, they want to silence anyone who doesn’t share their extreme views. AOC’s call for censorship is a clear violation of the First Amendment, which protects our right to free speech and a free press.

The truth is, conservatives are under attack from all sides. The mainstream media, Hollywood, big tech, and now even members of Congress are trying to silence us. They can’t win the argument on the merits, so they resort to censorship and intimidation tactics.

But we won’t be silenced. We will continue to speak out and fight for our rights. We will not let the radical left destroy our democracy and take away our freedoms.

source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/aoc-sparks-controversy-knab/