Not So Fast! Courts Have Something To Say

Heralding a victory for proponents of the Second Amendment, the Biden administration faced a significant legal setback concerning its regulation on pistol braces. This accessory, which can be attached to firearms for better one-hand aim, became a point of contention, with the administration mandating its registration.

Such a move was rooted in a few unfortunate events where pistol braces were misused. However, the broader gun-owning community viewed this as an unjust imposition on their rights. True to form, two Texas gun owners, backed by a gun rights group and dealer, challenged this directive. Their stance found support in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which hinted at the rule’s shaky legal ground. As Judge Jerry Smith aptly noted, there’s a dire need for the law’s consistent application.

With the court’s decision to extend the block and further examine the case, it’s clear that our constitutional rights are still very much alive and kicking, even when faced with administration overreach.

Source Fox News