McCarthy’s Warning Is Real, Guess Which Enemy He’s Now Concerned About

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, where he expressed his concern about the formation of an alliance of enemies against the United States under the weak leadership of Joe Biden.

McCarthy was asked about the possibility of China becoming a power broker and bringing Saudi Arabia together with Iran.

He responded by saying that the situation is already on the stage, with China entering the Middle East and brokering a deal with Iran, putting them back on the world stage.

McCarthy warned that an axis of power consisting of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran is forming, bound together against the freedom and values of what America represents.

He emphasized that this looks a lot like 1936 all over again and that we can’t afford to be complacent in the face of these threats.

It’s clear that we need strong leadership that will put America first and stands up for our values and our way of life. We can’t let our enemies gain more power and influence in the world.

As Republicans, we must support our leaders like Kevin McCarthy who are working to protect our country from these threats.

We need to be vigilant and proactive in defending our nation and our freedoms. We can’t afford to be naive or complacent in the face of this axis of power.

In conclusion, let’s take House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s warning seriously and work together to strengthen our country and defend our values against the alliance of enemies that threatens our freedom.