Major Flip-Flop! What Did The Department Of Education Just Admit?

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow conservatives, and defenders of our cherished American traditions, we gather here today to address a dire situation – the Biden administration’s unwarranted attack on our archery and hunting education programs. These programs, which have long been integral to teaching our youth responsibility, safety, and respect for the Second Amendment, are now under threat.

The Department of Education, under President Biden’s leadership, has made the disturbing decision to defund these vital programs. They have labeled them as mere “enrichment opportunities,” casting aside their immense value in molding responsible citizens. But fear not, for the Republican party is rallying to defend these programs and the values they represent.

Fox News Digital has been at the forefront of shedding light on this egregious assault. By interpreting the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) in a way that strips federal funds from hunting and archery education, the Biden administration has shown its disregard for our Second Amendment rights and traditional American values.

In response, our Republican representatives are taking a stand. Nearly 70 of them are demanding answers, accountability, and action from the Biden administration. They are pushing back against this blatant attack on our cherished traditions and are introducing the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act to ensure these programs receive the funding they deserve.

The battle is far from over, fellow conservatives. Our fight to protect our students’ right to learn these essential life skills continues. Let us remain vigilant, united, and resolute in the face of these attacks. Let us ensure that the next generation grows up with the values and skills that have made America exceptional.

Source Fox news