Latest Donald Trump 2024 Poll Numbers

As former President Donald Trump takes the stage in New Hampshire, his first appearance since President Joe Biden launched his reelection campaign, it is clear that Trump is the favorite amongst the conservative Republicans.

According to a recent Emerson College poll, Trump holds a commanding lead with 62% support among possible Republican presidential nominees. This surge of support highlights the dedication and loyalty of Trump’s supporters.

Trump’s campaign rally in Manchester reiterated his commitment to taking back the White House and “settling unfinished business” with President Biden.

The former President’s powerful presence and determination to restore America to greatness resonated with his supporters, including Kathy Holmes, a retired teacher from Chichester, N.H., who proudly showed off her homemade buttons featuring Trump’s face.

As the 2024 campaign season progresses, Trump’s legal troubles seem to be fading into the background, with the focus shifting to the political landscape.

With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing behind Trump with 16% support, it is evident that the former President is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

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