Joe Rogan SLAMS Biden, You Have To REALLY Hear What He Just Said

On a recent podcast, Joe Rogan and Russell Brand discussed the flawed leadership of the Biden administration, focusing on the fact that officials have been promoted based on their identities rather than their competence or experience.

Rogan specifically called out Sam Brinton, a former senior Department of Energy official, who now faces charges of airport baggage theft.

He criticized the administration for hiring Brinton as a “diversity hire” and suggested that they were only concerned with appearing inclusive rather than hiring someone who was actually qualified for the job.

Rogan slammed the mentality of identity politics as a problem with international implications, stating that “you can’t have those kind of people running the most powerful government the world’s ever known.” Brand chimed in, noting that cultural issues like identity politics are being used to divide people and prevent coalitions from forming.

In the end, both Rogan and Brand seemed to agree that Joe Biden is a metaphor for the problems plaguing modern society. They called for a new conversation around politics and urged people to think critically about the decisions being made by those in power.

As passionate Republican voters, we need to stand up against the identity politics that are tearing our country apart. We need leaders who are competent and experienced, not just people who check the right diversity boxes. Joe Rogan and Russell Brand are right to call out the Biden administration for its flawed leadership, and we must continue to do so if we want to see real change in our country.