Joe Biden’s AWKWARD Slip-Up, This ONE Will Truly SURPRISE You

On Thursday, Joe Biden gave a speech that left many Republicans shaking their heads in disbelief. In his address, Biden suggested that Donald Trump could become the “future” president of the United States, before doing the sign of the cross and saying “Bless me father.” It was a bizarre moment that left many wondering what Biden was thinking.

But that wasn’t the only questionable moment in his speech. Biden also made the false claim that his policies have reduced the deficit, despite evidence to the contrary. Moody’s Analytics has stated that the actions of the Biden administration and Democrat Congress have led to higher deficits, not smaller ones.

To top it off, Biden also gaslit the audience by saying that Republicans want to “defund the police,” when it’s actually his own party that has been pushing for police departments to be abolished across the country. This is just another example of the left trying to manipulate the truth and paint Republicans as the villains.

It’s important for Republicans to stay vigilant against these kinds of false claims and manipulations from the left. We cannot allow them to control the narrative and push their radical agenda on the American people. We must stand up for our values and fight back against these lies.

Biden’s speech is just the latest example of the left’s attempt to gaslight the American people. They want to convince us that up is down and right is wrong, all in the name of advancing their own agenda. But we must not be fooled. We must continue to push back against their lies and expose the truth.

As Republicans, we must continue to stand up for our values and fight for what we believe in. We cannot allow the left to control the narrative and push their radical agenda on the American people.

We must remain vigilant and continue to fight back against their lies and manipulations. Only then can we hope to restore the greatness of our country and protect the values that make America great.