Hunter Biden’s Latest Scandal Could Blow The Doors Wide Open

Hunter Biden’s legal team has refused to turn over material to Congress regarding the oversight investigation in the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling.

The move by his counsel Abbe Lowell has left his client open to a subpoena and possible prosecution. Lowell declared the oversight investigation illegitimate and refused to turn over records related to its investigation, leaving the Committee ample basis to issue a subpoena.

The move comes after news reports of a Democratic team forming around Hunter to attack potential witnesses and adopt a scorched earth approach in litigation.


  1. Hunter Biden’s legal team is adopting a precarious strategy by refusing to turn over material to Congress.
  2. Lowell has declared the oversight investigation in the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling as illegitimate.
  3. Hunter Biden is not the tragic and besieged figure he has been portraying in personal matters.
  4. Such corruption scandals have been part of congressional inquiries from the XYZ Affair to the Teapot Dome scandal to the investigation of Trump family business interests.
  5. Lowell’s move just laid the foundation for the Oversight Committee to move quickly toward a subpoena and ultimately a contempt sanction, if he maintains this position.

Commentary: The move by Hunter Biden’s legal team not to turn over materials to Congress is a concerning and precarious strategy. It will only fuel concerns of political bias at the Department of Justice if Hunter Biden is not prosecuted like Trump figures such as Steve Bannon.

The Biden family’s alleged influence peddling operation has been a matter for Congress to investigate. This move by Lowell may have just expedited the process for the House and ultimately lead to a subpoena and contempt sanction.

The bill has come due on this matter, and it is important for Congress to be able to investigate allegations of corruption and foreign influence surrounding the President and his family.