Hunter Biden Suffers Another Blow And This One WON’T Shock You

The ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden has not only raised concerns regarding the Biden family’s international business dealings but also the impact on US-China relations.

The case involves Hunter leveraging his Connecticut law license to obtain a $1 million retainer from the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company in 2017. Furthermore, the Biden family was reportedly involved in organizing a deal with CEFC that involved President Joe Biden obtaining a 10% equity stake in a joint venture.

China is the world’s largest energy consumer and has significant investments in the global energy market. CEFC China Energy Co. was a significant player in China’s global energy investments before it went bankrupt in 2018. The company’s activities and its association with the Biden family have raised questions about the potential influence of Chinese investments on US politics.

The allegations against Hunter Biden could have significant implications for US-China relations. They could be perceived as evidence of corruption and further fuel tensions between the two nations. The Biden administration has emphasized the need to strengthen US-China relations, particularly in the areas of trade, climate change, and security.

The investigation’s ongoing developments, including Hunter’s alleged ties to sensitive documents and the involvement of his business partner in moving them, could lead to further scrutiny of US-China relations. The investigation’s potential outcomes and impact on US-China relations remain to be seen.