How Biden’s Words Don’t Match White House Reality

Hey there, fellow conservatives! It’s time to dive into a topic that raises eyebrows and demands our attention. Buckle up, because we’re peeling back the layers on a matter that’s quite the contradiction.

Imagine this: the White House, under President Biden’s administration, is grappling with a gender pay gap of 20%. Yes, the very President who preaches equal pay for women seems to have some work to do in his own backyard.

The annual pay report, laid out for Congress, doesn’t sugarcoat the numbers. It’s a straightforward revelation of names, positions, and salaries for over 440 White House staff members. But here’s where the plot thickens.

Men on Biden’s team are enjoying a median salary of $105,000, while their female counterparts are pocketing a median of $84,000. It’s a gap that speaks volumes, right under Biden’s nose. Now, let’s dive into the analysis by Mark Perry, an American Enterprise Institute scholar.

Perry’s findings hit home: women working for Biden are earning a mere 80 cents for every dollar that’s paid to men. It’s an eye-opener, a stark contrast to the President’s grand words on gender equality.

So, what’s the White House’s explanation for this? They’re pointing fingers at a “”composition effect.”” The argument goes like this: more women than men work in the White House – 269 women to 179 men. But the kicker is that many women are in lower-paid roles. It’s a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit.

While there are exceptions, like White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who’s earning $180,000, they’re a mere blip in the larger scheme of things.

Here’s the kicker – the White House’s gender pay gap isn’t just above the national average; it’s also a blatant contradiction of Biden’s professed values. The hypocrisy couldn’t be more glaring.

As conservatives who value authenticity and truth, we have a duty to scrutinize our leaders’ actions. President Biden’s words on equal pay don’t align with the reality we’re seeing. Stay tuned, my friends – we’re on a mission to bring you the facts, unfiltered and unwavering.

Source Fox News