Hidden Donors: The Real Power Behind The Future Forward PAC?

Startling revelations surround President Biden’s 2024 campaign, with massive undisclosed donations seemingly bolstering his candidacy through the Future Forward PAC. Touted as the primary external group raising funds for his campaign, the PAC claimed a staggering $50 million raised this year alone.

However, scrutiny of the records suggests that this money might be channeled into the affiliated dark money nonprofit, Future Forward USA Action. Astonishingly, the PAC reported only $67,000 in contributions during the first half of the year, mostly from a vendor refund and in-kind donations.

The dark money nonprofit, with a history of hiding donors, has transferred tens of millions to the PAC for electoral activities. This setup potentially provides Biden’s campaign with a substantial boost from anonymous benefactors, all while keeping the donors’ identities concealed.

Ironically, President Biden, who once spoke out against dark money’s erosion of public trust, now finds himself propelled by millions of dollars in such funds. This political hypocrisy stands as a stark contrast to his past statements.

Moreover, the Arabella Advisors consulting firm’s involvement further complicates the situation, making it challenging to trace the original donors.

In the previous presidential cycle, the Impetus Fund, a dark money group, funneled a staggering $55.8 million to Future Forward USA Action, as revealed in tax documents.

These revelations raise significant questions about the source of these immense, anonymous sums of money potentially influencing President Biden’s re-election bid. As passionate Republican voters, we believe in transparency and integrity in our democratic process, demanding accountability from our leaders.

Let us delve deeper into this dark money enigma and seek the truth behind Biden’s 2024 campaign support.

Source Fox News