Here’s A Stalemate That’s Going To Leave You Astonished

In a scathing takedown, Sean Hannity unleashed his fury on President Biden for his repeated refusal to strike a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling. On his show, Hannity left no stone unturned in exposing Biden’s true intentions.

According to Democrats, the sky is falling, and the world’s economy is on the verge of collapse due to the looming debt ceiling deadline. But Hannity set the record straight: it’s not McCarthy’s fault. Democrats conveniently ignored this issue for over 100 days, even when McCarthy tirelessly tried to initiate negotiations with the White House.

Week after week, month after month, the White House stonewalled McCarthy’s efforts, refusing to even answer his calls. Democrats made it clear that negotiations were off the table; it was their way or the highway.

Let’s look at the timeline of events. On January 13th, the White House proudly announced there would be no negotiations. Yet on January 20th, Speaker McCarthy earnestly reached out to begin talks, only to be repeatedly turned away.

In April, McCarthy sounded the alarm, warning that a default was imminent. But once again, his plea fell on deaf ears. Faced with no other option, House Republicans took action on April 20th by passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act.

This responsible legislation raised the debt ceiling and cut spending by returning to 2022 levels, hardly a draconian measure. It also capped future growth at 1%, resulting in an impressive $4.8 trillion in savings, according to the CBO’s assessment.

The Democrats were in for a shock. They never expected the Republicans to unite and act decisively. They bet wrong, underestimating McCarthy’s leadership and the determination of the GOP.

President Biden’s refusal to negotiate is clear evidence of his alignment with far-left progressives who prioritize their own agenda over the well-being of the American people. Hannity exposed this truth, as he always does, ensuring that the biased and corrupt media will never have the last word. It’s time to hold Biden accountable and demand leadership that puts the nation first.

Source Fox News