GUESS Who Might Be Involved in a Funding SCANDAL, You Have TWO Guesses

As a conservative opinion writer, I find it deeply concerning that the House Ways and Means Committee has launched an investigation into the financial ties between the Penn Biden Center and the University of Pennsylvania.

Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) is specifically looking into potential foreign funding sources for the center.

The letter, co-signed by Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), points out that the center’s establishment and an increase in foreign investment at the university may be connected to President Biden’s family seeking business opportunities in China.

Is it possible that foreign interests are buying influence in American politics through the Biden family?

The committee requests information on the legal relationship between the university and the center, as well as the percentage of the center’s annual expenses provided by the university. Furthermore, the letter seeks details on the university’s investments in three “adversarial entities” on U.S. government-restricted lists. The University of Pennsylvania has acknowledged investments in entities on restricted lists.

The letter now demands the university to identify those entities and disclose any investments in six Chinese entities recently added to the restricted lists. Joe Biden was paid nearly $900,000 during his two years at the Penn Biden Center before his presidential campaign.

This investigation could shed light on whether foreign nations were financially supporting Biden during this time.

The Penn Biden Center came under fire when classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were found in a locked closet at the center.

This information was not revealed until January, despite the documents being discovered in November.

The GOP letter also questions the university’s apparent lack of effort to divest from questionable holdings. Republicans are demanding a response from university officials by March 28, which should address divestment efforts and provide more information on the relationship between the center and the university.

As conservatives, we must remain vigilant and demand transparency from our leaders, regardless of their political affiliations.

This investigation has the potential to uncover conflicts of interest involving President Biden and foreign entities, which could threaten the integrity of our political system.