Guess Who Just Announced a Presidential Exploratory Committee?

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott has announced his presidential exploratory committee for the 2024 election. Scott spoke about his message of faith, hope, and unity and emphasized that America’s soul is being tested once again.

He accused Joe Biden and the radical left of promoting victimhood and indoctrinating children to believe that America is an evil country. Scott vowed to defend the nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation, protect religious liberty, stand up to Communist China, and restore opportunities for hardworking Americans to thrive and prosper.

Scott also promised to fight to give every parent a choice in education so that their children have a better chance in life. He pledged to defend the nation’s borders and protect the most fundamental right, the right to life itself.

Scott’s exploratory committee emphasizes that he is a fighter who will stand up for conservative values that make America exceptional.